Concrete Retarders

AGG- Crete

ASC Building Supplies have developed our own concrete retarder formula.
We have an onsite chemist who is here to help you with any technical questions Our chemist oversees quality control of all our manufactured products.

Concrete Retarder is designed to slow down the curing process in the cement allowing the cement to be washed off the following day to expose the aggregate.

Surface Retarder for Exposed Aggregate Concrete Surfaces

  • Extended time window for cleaning (4 – 24 hrs)
  • Ideal for hot & cold weather
  • Comprehensive range of etch depths which allow for a large range of concrete mix designs, job conditions and curing temperatures Consistent results every time — with new generation depth diffusion technology that provide excellent depth-of-etch control.
  • Water based formulation — VOC compliant
  • Fluorescent colour tracker and spray enhancer allow for easy application on concrete surfaces

AGG-CRETE is a liquid retarder designed to achieve an exposed aggregate affect in concrete surfaces.

AGG-CRETE is a water based chemical retarder used to expose the aggregate in horizontal concrete surfaces. AGG-CRETE delays the set of the mortar paste on the surface to a controlled depth. AGG-CRETE does not stop the set of the main concrete —it slows it down.

The retarded concrete will cure to its full strength after the retardation has stopped. The retarded mortar paste may be removed by water blasting after the set of the concrete to expose the aggregate.