Aquepoxy is a two-pack, waterborne Epoxy finish carefully designed for interior concrete floors. As a a great option for spaces with significant OH&S demands, this flooring type features a unique curing mechanism and a tough cross-linked finish.

Whether you run engineering workshops, distribution centres, commercial restaurants or factory floors, this Australian-made and owned product adds instant value to any concrete surface. 

As we’ll go on to cover, there are many reasons to choose Aquepoxy over a generic Epoxy finish. With benefits to businesses, homes, and the DIY enthusiast, this article will detail the key benefits, features, customisation options, and installation advice for both beginner and intermediate builders.

What is Aquepoxy Flooring?

Epoxy waxed flooring

Epoxy flooring is a durable coating that can be added and applied directly on top of prepped concrete.

With variations in surface sheen, an Aquepoxy Concrete Floor Finish is an innovative and eco-friendly industrial flooring solution. This two-pack epoxy floor sealer, dispersed in water and entirely free of solvents, offers a multitude of functional benefits. Its composition, crafted around durability and performance, sets it apart from many other industrial flooring options.

Why is it a popular choice for industrial workplaces? Affordable, durable, and high performing, Aquepoxy’s reputation precedes it, which is why so many Australian industries are beginning to embrace it. 

In particular, its popularity also stems from the non-slip nature of its surface, which has made it a go-to choice for clients with significant OH&S requirements, such as factory managers.

The Key Benefits of Aquapoxy Flooring

Here are the main benefits of this flooring and how it can work for you!

  • Water-based. Classified Low VOC with the Green Building Council of Australia.
  • Slip-resistance. Certified with the CSIRO as R9 to R12 wet/oil pendulum test. 
  • Excellent adhesion, even in the most aggressive environments.
  • Low odour. With minimal odour, this provides a user-friendly environment.
  • Stain/chemical resistance. Aquapoxy isn’t affected by oil, petrol, lubricants, or chemicals, so you don’t need to worry about cleaning times!
  • Durable. A tough, abrasion-resistant finish gives lifelong protection.
  • Ease of application. A roller application with minimum 15mm NAP Lambswool or airless spray and easily washes up in water.

Aquapoxy Flooring – Typical Applications

The Aquepoxy finish is generally recommended for the following environments:

  • Multi-level / Basement Car Parks 
  • Distribution Centres, Aircraft Hangers Factory Floors & Warehouses
  • Auto & Engineering Workshops
  • Stock & Plant Rooms
  • Food preparation areas
  • Public Galleries / Pavilions
  • Restaurants / Shops / Residential environments
  • Wineries, Animal Shelters and Hospitals
  • DIY Garage Floors 

The Quepoxy range also comes in 12 attractive colours, including Pastel Grey, Black, Venetian Red, Sandstone, and many more for the prospective user. It is recommended that all buyers determine and assess the suitability of the colour before applying it on a commercial scale. If you would like to learn more for future projects, have a read of the best safety practices for working with concrete.

Aquapoxy Flooring – Potential Limitations

If your end goal is excellent adhesion, Aquepoxy acrylic sealer is not recommended for use in the following situations: 

  • Do not apply when ambient / surface temperature is below 10°C.
  • Do not apply when exposure to rain is likely within six hours of exterior application.
  • Not recommended for continuous immersion in water (eg: swimming pools, spa baths, etc)
  • Not recommended for exterior application. Consult with Cavco for exceptions. 
  • It should not be applied over existing coatings or finishes that show any sign of peeling or flaking. 

In any event, adhesion to an existing finish should always be tested prior to the application of Aquepoxy sealer.

The Durability and High Performance of Aquepoxy Floors

worker use screed concrete epoxy

What Makes Aquepoxy Durable?

Aquepoxy is a tough, slip-resistant finish that offers excellent protection and wear resistance for concrete surfaces. 

Whether it’s the constant foot traffic of a busy warehouse or occasional spillage in a factory setting, Aquepoxy provides excellent long-term protection.

High-Performing Nature in Industrial Settings

Industrial settings demand nothing short of excellence, and Aquepoxy delivers just that. Tailored specifically for interior concrete floors, this product has been tested against strict Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) standards.

Its robust cross-linked finish, fortified with superior hardness and resistance to oil, petrol, and grease stains, underscores its suitability for the most demanding of environments.

Solvent-Free and Water-Based: The Health and Safety Benefits of Aquepoxy

Aquapoxy isn’t just pleasing to the eye, there are also many health and safety benefits to their uses. So, why should you incorporate these floors into your commercial building?

Aquapoxy has a solvent-free, water-based compositions. In an era where sustainability and safety are more important than ever, Aquepoxy has emerged as a frontrunner. Its solvent-free, water-based composition not only reduces environmental impact, but also prioritises the well-being of workers. 

How does this impact health and safety at work? The significance of health and safety in industrial environments cannot be overstated. Aquepoxy’s composition aligns seamlessly with these priorities, offering a low-odour, user-friendly solution.

Gone are the days of hazardous fumes and respiratory concerns—Aquepoxy creates an environment conducive to productivity and well-being.

How does this benefit business? For businesses, investing in Aquepoxy is more than a question of functionality—it’s an investment in the welfare of their workforce. By prioritising health and safety, businesses not only adhere to regulatory standards, but also foster a culture of care and responsibility.

From Aquepoxy to concrete sealers, Australian Slate Crete Supplies in Melbourne can supply a wide range of tailored products for commercial and industrial environments. Contact us today for a free quote!

Anti-Slip Features of Aquepoxy Floors

Why are Aquapoxy flooring options so safe? Let’s explore the features and benefits.

Exploring Aquapoxy’s anti-slip features

In any work environment–whether you’re a cleaner or a factory worker–you want to be safe, and Aquapoxy is a slip-resistant certified concrete sealer. 

Aquepoxy’s incorporation of slip control additives strikes a delicate balance between abrasion and cleanability, ensuring safety without compromising functionality. Its anti-slip features offer peace of mind in the most demanding of industrial settings.

Why is Aquapoxy a selling-point for industrial environments?

Industrial workspaces are rife with potential hazards, and slip-related accidents rank high among them. 

Aquepoxy’s commitment to slip resistance mitigates these risks, instilling confidence in both employers and employees. By prioritising safety, businesses not only safeguard their operations but also uphold a duty of care.

How does Aquapoxy compare to other anti-slip flooring options?

With anti-slip flooring, Aquepoxy is always reliable. Unlike temporary measures that require frequent upkeep, Aquepoxy offers a permanent solution that keeps people safe, both at work and within the home.

Customising Your Space: Aquepoxy’s Colour Options

When considering a coat application, what are you colour options can you choose from?

Aquepoxy floors – overview of colour options

Aquepoxy doesn’t just offer functionality—it embraces creativity. With a diverse range of colours, you can customise the workspace to reflect a distinct brand identity or create environments that are more conducive to productivity. 

From subtle pastels to bold hues, Aquepoxy’s colour palette offers endless possibilities for personalisation.

How can businesses customise their workspaces?

Customising workspace aesthetics is a powerful tool in any business’s arsenal. Aquepoxy empowers businesses to curate environments that resonate with their ethos and values.

Whether it’s fostering a sense of tranquillity with soft blues or infusing energy with vibrant reds, the colour options are as varied as the businesses themselves.

Are you looking for a coating material or unsure about a specific coating method? Australian Slate Crete Supplies supports all projects with solvent-based concrete sealers, spray-on concrete supplies, and concrete stencils across Melbourne.

Installing and Maintaining Aquepoxy Floors

With epoxy floor coating, how do you install and maintain them?

Installing Aquepoxy flooring is seamless, provided the groundwork is laid with care. From surface preparation to application techniques, attention to detail is paramount.

With proper guidance and expertise, businesses can transform their floors into durable, high-performance surfaces that stand the test of time.

Maintaining Aquapoxy flooring – best practices

Maintenance is the cornerstone of longevity, and Aquepoxy floors are no exception. Routine cleaning–coupled with periodic maintenance–protects these floors’ longevity and pristine appearance.

By adhering to these practices, businesses can maximise the return on their investment and enjoy the benefits of Aquepoxy for years to come.Want to learn more about supplies for your upcoming home improvement ideas? Explore how to enhance your project with coloured concrete hardener!

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