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Supplies Tools and Sealers for Concrete.

If you are looking to make your next concreting job an easy one, then trust Australian Crete Building Supplies for expert advice and the right products for your project. We know concrete, and we supply everything you need for concreting, including the tools, sealers, and accessories to make your job easier.

When you shop our range of products, you can take advantage of the best selection of sealer colours for any industrial, domestic, or commercial job. Improve the appearance of your concrete surfaces and help them last longer with the best quality concrete sealers made especially for Australia’s environment.


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Australian Slate Crete is one of the leading building suppliers in Australia, that have been offering their services for quite some time now.

As each product offered by Australian Slate Crete goes through extensive testing and is checked for quality control. This allows us to help ensure that we are offering you the best quality products for your home and office use.

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To become the largest concrete product supplier in Australia.

To create better looking and safe homes and

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