Concrete Hardener

Coloured Concrete Hardener

Australian Slate-Crete Supplies’ COLOUR HARDENER has been used for over 25 years and remains the leading product on the market.


Visual EffectUse to create hard wearing stipple finishes, stamped slate effects and stencil designs
Colours29 colours to choose from.
Only the best non-fading colour oxides are used.
Size20kg bag
Coverageapprox. 10 m² per 20kg bag
StrengthIncreases surface hardness to greater than 90MPa after 28 days
ConditionsProvides excellent results in hot and cold conditions.
VersatileThe first genuine quality multi-purpose product on the market.
No need to store different products for different finishes.
One product for all finishes.

As one of the most trusted concrete hardener suppliers in Melbourne, our team here at Australian Slate Crete are the experts you can turn to for all your concrete tools, accessories and hardeners. If you’re looking to apply stipple finishes, stamped slate effects or unique stencil designs into your concrete, a surface hardener will allow you to achieve these types of effects properly and more effectively. We would recommend reaching out to our customer service team today to enquire how our hardeners work, and how you can properly achieve those unique patterns in your concrete surfaces.

Wide Range of Coloured Concrete Hardeners to Choose From

When it comes to finding the right product that suits the aesthetic and layout of your property, Australian Slate Crete have the ultimate coloured concrete hardener range that will suit your exact needs and specifications. We have 29 different colours to choose from, with non-fading colour oxides used to create the perfect, coloured concrete hardener products that will be durable and hardwearing all year round.

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At Australian Slate Crete, we have a wide range of concrete hardener products, suitable for Melbourne builders and businesses. Our priority is to ensure we can deliver high quality, multi-purpose concrete hardeners and solutions that can withstand the tough Australian climate.

Unsure which concrete surface hardener will suit your needs the best? Please contact our Australian Slate Crete team now to find out more about our wide range of concrete hardeners, or to enquire about any of our other concreting tools, accessories and supplies.

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