Hand tools are essential for placing and finishing concrete properly and with minimal effort. Australian Slate Crete Supplies the best trade quality hand tools from the most trusted and leading brands like ox tools, flex tools, master finish, ezy tools and more. Handheld floats, trowels, and other equipment are necessary products for smoothing and leveling residential slab surfaces, blending in surface colors, or maneuvering in tight places. We stock a variety of hand tools made specifically for concrete projects, including rakes, bull floats, edgers, finishing brooms, scrapers, and more.

Ox Tools
OX Unleash the power
Flextools since 1951
master finish
Ezy Tools
ezy tools
Toplinetop line concrete toolsMarco Pesaro
marco pesaro
Extrusion Facilities
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Specialist Brands
Rakestickgreen checkgreen checkgreen check
Screedstickgreen checktickgreen check
Bullfloatsgreen checkgreen checkgreen checkgreen checktick
Fresnostickgreen checkasterisgreen checktick
Trowelsgreen checkgreen checkgreen checkasterisgreen checktick
Floatsgreen checkgreen checkgreen checkgreen check
Edgersgreen checkgreen checkgreen checkgreen check
Grooversgreen checkgreen checkgreen checkgreen checkgreen checkmasonry hardware pty.ltd
Finishing Broomsgreen checktick
Step Toolsgreen checkgreen checkgreen checkgreen checkgreen checkmasonry hardware pty.ltd.
Kerb & Channelgreen checkgreen check
Extension Polestickgreen checkgreen checkgreen checkgreen check
Straight Edgesgreen check
Hammerstickgreen checkwasp trade tools
Wire Cuttersticknws made in germanyknipex
Bolt Cuttersgreen checkgreen check
Peg Pullersjackjaw
Wheel barrowseasymixmasonry hardware pty.ltd

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